James Beyer Photography


It has long been part of an architect's education to embark at some point during or after formal training on a tour of the notable architectural structures of the time.  I never had the opportunity to travel internationally prior to my twenty-eighth year, but I took seriously the idea of a Grand Tour, and I have endeavored over the past forty years to make up for my early shortcoming.  It quickly became clear that the joys of travel are not limited to the structures of humanity, but also include natural wonders, delightful places whether artificial or man-made, wildlife either domestic or tame and, of course, people.  All of these marvels have revealed themselves during my personal version of the Grand Tour, and I intend to share them through photographs and sketches.

The images above were all captured or created by the author during more than one hundred trips across six continents, three oceans, fifty countries, hundreds of cities and countless parks and preserves.  So far ….

All images © James E. Beyer