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Notre-dame du haut

Notre-dame du haut, better known as Ronchamp Chapel, is a Roman Catholic pilgrimage church located in Ronchamp, France.  It was designed by the architect Le Corbusier and built in 1955.  The chapel is situated at the top of a hill enjoying panoramic views of the distant Jura Mountains.  The approach to the site winds up the hill from the south, but does not permit a view of the building until the end of the progression, when it is presented as a closed wall-like form resembling a French nun's hat.  Only upon circumnavigating and entering the chapel from the north is the wall revealed as a light admitting element that defines the sacred space within.

exterior view 22 - high res.jpg
Exterior View / South Side - June, 1980
exterior view from north.jpg
Exterior View / North Side - June, 1980
interior light openings.jpg
Interior View - June, 1980

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