James Beyer Photography

The Sublime

Gerhard Kallman, my thesis advisor at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, once told me, 'To experience great architecture is profound, but to listen to great music while experiencing great architecture is sublime.'

Maybe, but there are wonders of the natural world that can also be transcendent, elevating the spirit majestically.  These can be discovered haphazardly on, a camping trip in the Grand Canyon or during sunset in an airliner over Malaysia.  They can be shrines attracting millions of visitors or isolated incidences in the fiords of southeastern Alaska.  Either way, one never walks away from them unchanged. 

Mt. Fuji, Japan - November, 2013
First Light / Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska - August, 2021
View from Toroweep Point, Grand Canyon - April, 2009
view from palisades creek - 1985.jpg
View From Palisades Creek, Grand Canyon - May, 1985
Sunset at 20,000 Feet Over Malaysia - June, 2012

All images © James E. Beyer