James Beyer Photography

Bangladesh National Parliament Building

The National Parliament House in Dacca, Bangladesh, was designed by American architect Louis Kahn.  It was opened in 1982 after over twenty-years of construction.  Kahn did not live to see its completion.  The building is made of concrete and brick - materials that were available locally, and it features assembly means and methods (marble slabs between the concrete lifts, arched openings in the masonry walls etc.) that were suitable to the available construction talent.

plan 0f assembly complex.jpg
Plan of Assembly Complex (from Sketchbook) - November, 1982
Exterior View from South - November, 1982
Grotto Beneath Main Entry - November, 1982
I Asked The Brick What It Wanted To Be. The Brick Said, "I Like An Arch." - November, 1982
Marble Slabs Mark Concrete Form Joints - November, 1982

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