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Siena, Italy

Siena is a medieval hill town in the Tuscany region of Italy. It was settled during the Etruscan era between 900-400 BC. The Piazza del Campo, a fan-shell shaped plaza in the center of the old city, is the site of a popular biannual race called the Palio de Sienna, which features horses sponsored by the political wards in the city.

The majestic Siena Cathedral is an excellent example of Italian Romanesque-Gothic architecture. Construction commenced in the 12th century, and the façade was completed in 1380. Also notable is the Palazzo Publico, with its clock tower-the Torre del Mangia, located at the edge of the Pizza del Campo.

Siena Cathedral - February, 1988
From Sketchbook - February, 1988
Facade of Siena Cathedral - February, 1988
Cathedral Interior - February, 1988
Cathedral Interior - February, 1988
From Sketchbook - February, 1988
ciamp_del_fiore -02.jpg
Palazzo Publico at Night - February, 1988
campo_del_fiore -01.jpg
Campo del Fiore & Palazzo Publico - February, 1988
campo_del_fiore -04.jpg
Campo del Fiore - February, 1988
Old Town Street - February, 1988

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