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Ryoan-ji is an ancient Zen temple in Kyoto, Japan.  Its central garden is one of the finest surviving examples of Japanese dry landscape (kare-sansui) in existence.  It features larger rock formations clustered within a large area of smaller graded pebbles and stones raked into parallel patterns intended to facilitate contemplation and meditation.

Kyoto is well known for its incredible beauty during the spring cherry blossom bloom, and Ryoan-ji is especially beautiful at that time each year.  The temple itself is thought to have been built in the mid-1400's, while the garden was created in the mid to late 15th century.

Ryoan-ji Water Garden - May, 1984
Ryona-ji Water Garden - May, 1984
Ryoan-ji Temple, May, 1984
Cherry Blossoms at Ryoan-ji - May, 1984
Rock Garden at Ryoan-ji - May, 1984
Ryoan-ji Temple - May, 1984

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